Working Away…

It has been another fabulous days here in #Outsiders as the team has continued onward with on-going daily reviews over the grid and beyond. 
 As the team continues its’ work, I wanted to again share a happy story: The Return of Jason Rezaian of the Washington Post. He returned to the United States and I understand Jeff Bezos gave him and his wife Yegi “a ride”!!! This is as of course Amazon is about to have a good day shortly as it is about to announce earnings which I am sure the team will discuss here in the Network soon. I was proud to have lent my name to have supported the cause for his release .

Secretary Kerry joined the celebration as the new Headquarter for the Washington Post was launched — and he reminded the World that 71 Journalists were killed and some 200 were jailed for doing what they do. His thoughts were also telling ( available at the Washington Post Website) — 
 As a slight token of being every so grateful, I also hope all enjoy this I chose from my Pandora Station that I hope all enjoy by clicking on the link by the beautiful image below:

mikepouraryan wrote:
 “I’m listening to Shakatak Radio on Pandora”

Excerpts (with minor edits/updates) Originally published at on January 29, 2016.

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