The seven circles of managerial hell
Ted Bauer

I think you’ve summed it up nicely here Ted Bauer. In fact, I’m starting to suspect you work for my organization because we have at least one of each type, and in some cases more than one. Not sure I have anymore types to add here.

What’s really cool, is when you have one manager that can occupy multiple circles at the same time… yep, I’ve got one of those I work with, a real crap sandwich of sociopath and drone. Fortunately, I don’t work directly for this person, however my job is effected by their severe lack of leadership and c-blocking of proposed efficiencies. As these people continue to do a great job at protecting their own asses at the expense of others, the moral of those around them declines, turnover increases, taking the organization down into the abyss….

These bad managers are like the icebergs in the Northern Atlantic. Some are visible and exposed, others are beneath the surface. As the ship continues on its Northern trek, the icebergs become more frequent and exposed. If the ship (organization) chooses to ignore these icebergs, and doesn’t change course, it eventually heaves to, potentially capsizing.

This stuff drives me absolutely nuts…

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