A story of loss and disappointment.

As an insurgent in the belly of corporate America, I often have to deal with the aftermath of decisions made well beyond my sphere of influence, and by “deal” I mean clean it up, and make it work. (Insert Tim Gun gif here)

A few days late, but still here.

This month felt like a bit of a wash tbh, sometimes that’s just how it is. Work, real life, etc takes over and time slips away. …

It’s exactly what the title says. In the interest of a little personal accountability, as well as a need to better document all my little projects I’m going to attempt some monthly status reports.

Recently I’ve been a little down on myself about not getting enough done in the making…

Mike Prevette

Lover of things, hater of stuff, zapper of circuits, and camera guy, Currently a Dilbertesque Product Manager @mtv and @viacom

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