A story of loss and disappointment.

As an insurgent in the belly of corporate America, I often have to deal with the aftermath of decisions made well beyond my sphere of influence, and by “deal” I mean clean it up, and make it work. (Insert Tim Gun gif here)

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This month has served up a brutal, round after round attack to my team and the progress we were making. …

A few days late, but still here.

This month felt like a bit of a wash tbh, sometimes that’s just how it is. Work, real life, etc takes over and time slips away. Now I’m first to blame my own procrastination or laziness, but as I get older the more I realize I have my own recipe for productivity.

It’s usually 40% frustration about not being productive (recursive loop), 20% satisfying the minimum amount of learning to tackle a new thing, and 40% blind curiosity about something new.

It’s this same fitful, sporadic motion that has moved me through life…

It’s exactly what the title says. In the interest of a little personal accountability, as well as a need to better document all my little projects I’m going to attempt some monthly status reports.

Recently I’ve been a little down on myself about not getting enough done in the making things arena. Creativity and problem solving are two of the things I care the most about. But alas time isn’t on my side.

Often a lot of time and consequently energy gets sucked into daily work and it can feel like true progress on the things you are interested in…

Mike Prevette

Lover of things, hater of stuff, zapper of circuits, and camera guy, Currently a Dilbertesque Product Manager @mtv and @viacom

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