Let’s raise a glass, to me.

Photo by Kaffee Meister on Unsplash

Back up, peasants! Make way for the king! Let it be known that I, Michael A. Pridgen, have switched to oat milk and am now perfect as a result. After an accidental wrong turn down the soy cheese and lactose-free yogurt aisle, my eyes happened upon the 60 calorie-per-serving life elixir that would make my body eternal. It was beautiful. I had to have just… one… sip… and BOOM! I barreled out of the Columbus Ohio Whole Foods in a spontaneous running sprint, knocking several people over as the certified organic oat beverage began to envelop my mortal vessel. My…

She can’t take everything from me.

Photo by Maarten van de Heuvel on Pexels.

Nothing beats the feeling of putting huge, happy smiles on your family’s faces when you shout “It’s ready to eat,” I solemnly told the judge. A father and a chef, I stood to lose both of these titles, until now. After a lengthy court battle, I’ve been informed I’m officially the legal intellectual owner of these fun family recipes from my personal cookbook. She can try, but she can’t take everything from me!

1. Grandma’s Secret Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut Butter
Brown Sugar

She’ll never tell, but I might! From my grandmother’s “secret” stash, soft and chewy Peanut Butter Cookies! These delightful treats are sure…

Mike Pridgen

Stand up comic. Sit down writer. Lay down cryer. Holding my nose in New Jersey. TW: @mikescomedy IG: @mikepridgencomedy

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