What is holding you back?

This question has an infinite number of answers. In your mind it could be everything and anything. Anything from a lack of money a lack of time the lack of the right people or any number of things you can think of.

Let me tell you the truth. What is really holding you back is you! If you really wanted to get the girl, if you really wanted to build a business, if you really wanted to get an education, if you want to achieve anything on this earth than enough you could find a way.

Let me use a story to illustrate what I mean.

Legend has it that one day Socrates and Plato were walking down the beach deep in conversation. At one point, Socrates said to Plato, “Walk with me into the ocean.” They turned and walked into the sea together. Now, in your imagination, picture that happening: Student and teacher, two of the greatest philosophers of history, striding into the surf side by side. The water started out around their ankles, then rose up to their knees. As the water got higher Plato wondered, “What is the lesson my master is trying to teach me?” When the water was about shoulder height, Socrates abruptly grabbed Plato’s head and pushed him down under the water. As Plato was held down, he undoubtedly wondered again what this lesson was all about.

After a time, when Plato ran out of air, he began to struggle to get his head above water. He punched and kicked and grabbed to get free, but Socrates was a strong man and held him down. Finally, Plato blacked out due to lack of oxygen. Socrates pulled him ashore and resuscitated him. When Plato regained consciousness, he angrily accused Socrates of trying to drown him. Socrates matter-of factly explained, “If that had been my intention, I would not have pulled you ashore.” “Then why did you do that?” Plato demanded. Socrates calmly replied, “When you desire my knowledge like you desired that breath of air, then you shall have it.”

I submit that this is an eternal truth. If you want something bad enough you will be given the resources necessary to make it happen. Moses wanted so badly to escape the Egyptians that he asked God with enough fervor and sincerity to deliver him and his people that the Red Sea was parted and they walked across on dry ground.The future king, David wanted so badly to honor his God by defeating Goliath that he went to battle against the behemoth with only stones and a sling. And because he believed so completely, the Philistine was slain in the first volley. Daniel trusted so completely in his God, that the lions were tamed in their own den. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego believed so strongly that the fiery furnace could not injure them.

In other words “ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.” If you have not received, if you have not found, and if the door has not been opened unto you. Then you do not want it bad enough.

If you have a goal, if you have made a decision, and if you really want something “burn the boats” and make it happen. Failure will never stop being a possibility until you decide it won’t. When you want what you want so badly that there is no other possibility success is on the doorstep.

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