The Beginning of Hope

I spent an hour at my computer composing emails to my Senators asking them to oppose Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. When I finished I turned on the television, and I saw that there was a protest at JFK airport. There was quite a large crowd who had come to protest the detention of Muslims arriving in the country with legal visas and green cards.

Trump’s Executive Order for this action had just come out yesterday, and the implementation just started today. The people who are protesting had almost no time to organize. The very impressive Women’s March on Washington had two months to organize. In this case people were called to action and reacted quickly to defend the rights of people they did not even know. People are taking the threats to liberty from Trump seriously.

Our country is very polarized, and Obama’s election and the passage of the Affordable Care Act triggered the Tea Party. But I do not see this as just the other side of the political coin. I see the size of the Women’s March and the generosity of the JFK protestors who were out defending the rights of others, and I see the beginning of hope.