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The NFL is stuck in the 20th century and needs to adapt or die. I‘m 29 and I haven’t had cable TV for years. The only live TV I watch is Football, everything else is commercial free on a streaming service. After years of adapting to no commercials the NFL gets more and more painful to watch. Even if I did have cable I still wouldn’t be able to watch my team the Steelers play because I live in New England. I’m not going to pay a ton for Direct TV just so I can watch Football, I use a streaming site to watch the Steelers games instead and cast to my TV (anyone can go on reddit and find these links). If there was an affordable Game Pass streaming option for a couple hundred bucks I would actually pay for it, but I refuse to be shackled to direct tv and pay for something I don’t want 1/2 the year. On top of that on a beautiful fall day I’m not sitting on my ass for 10 straight hours watching Football, this is especially impossible to do when you have kids. If the season were pushed back so that games were played throughout Winter when no ones wants to go outside, I’d be much more likely to watch additional games throughout the day. So here is my suggestion to the NFL if they want to stop the hemorraging.

1. Offer an affordable streaming service where we can watch any game and cut out the commercial breaks. People don’t watch commercials anymore in 2016, and as a mobile people the local team is rarely the favorite team anymore.

2. Start the season in November. On a nice September or October day I’m going to do outdoor activities with my family, not watch TV all day.

3. How about we let a little fun back in the league? Celebrations after big plays are an acknowledgment that this is a GAME! Let’s see some player personalities.

That’s it. So simple. I’m sure Goodell will follow this advice.

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