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An antique typewriter on a wooden desk.
An antique typewriter on a wooden desk.
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You define success. You choose the routes you take.

Set yourself up for victory. There are other ways to your goal. Don’t be afraid to explore different paths to outcomes. Also, outcomes can change as you proceed.

Try and fail. Really fail. Force yourself to explore different routes to gain new perspectives. Make sure the mountain you’re climbing is the mountain you want to scale.

Obstacles will be in your way. You can wish them away, or see them as another contributor to the legend that is your story. …

Stop suffocating in your own learning sandbox.

An axe left in a tree stump.
An axe left in a tree stump.
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Getting things done isn’t as rewarding as it used to be.

You have access to the world’s information at your fingertips. You can become anything you want to by learning anything online. But there’s too much data. You’ll never cover it all.

Infomania leads to endless, fruitless productivity.

You’re not just overwhelmed; you’re unfulfilled.

I know your pain. The feeling of unfulfillment sucks. So I’ve been experimenting with different strategies. Here’s my current recipe for purpose-driven focus.

Make bold cuts

Your daily todo list needs a crash diet.

Not everything matters. Cut the fat. Carve out anything that isn’t mission-critical.

Ask yourself, “If…

Drop a pin. Go there.

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Repeat a routine often enough and boredom will slowly rot you from the inside. Each day blends into the next. Boredom starts to hurt.

This is cabin fever.

Boredom builds.

Since COVID-19 lockdowns, I’ve had weekly cabin fever spikes. I’m not alone. Working from home without a strategy? You’re getting it too.

It’s subtle and uncomfortable. It’s difficult to pinpoint what’s bothering you. Netflix, food, naps, even home workouts only contribute to the inner madness.

Go anywhere but here.

Getting outside isn’t enough. You’ve got to go somewhere completely new. Open up Maps. Find a random street in another neighborhood.

Drop a pin. Go there.

Then what?


I am always looking to boost my productivity throughput. I’d consider myself the perfect target market for self-help books, productivity hacks, even questionable Instagram ads for a hat that claims to improve focus. I’m a productivity addict, and I actively hunt for any product or method that can elevate me to Ferris-esque levels of output.

Then I heard of Anti-Productivity.

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A rushed definition of Anti-Productivity

In order to learn what Anti-Productivity is, I need to quickly cover the current state of productivity. Productivity has entrenched itself as king of our culture — and it’s only getting worse. It routinely pushes people beyond their emotional and…

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Good morning, it’s a new day. You lay cozy in bed, disoriented, quickly trying to find your bearings. What time is it? What day is it today? What do I have to do? Thoughts flood your mind, attempting to predict the day ahead. Will today be a good day or a bad day? You don’t know shit, you just woke up, maybe hungover, maybe half-dreaming. You’re not even close to being fully awake nor are you in a position to correctly evaluate how the day will pan out. You’re still in your damn bed sheets. This is your comical attempt…

  • There’s plenty to choose from.
  • Trends come and go. Past styles can make comebacks.
  • Timeless styles stick around and tend to be compatible with many different outfits.
  • There’s a lot of similarities, if not exact duplicates from different brands. (unoriginal, copies)
  • Most wear down over time. The durable ones last forever.
  • Shoes don’t get you places unless you wear them. You have to move yourself towards where you want to go.
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Finding the right fit

  • To find the right fit, you’ve got to try them out for an extended period of time.
  • It’s easy to think you’ve found the right fit the first time you try them on only to find out that a week later they’re are actually terrible.

Distractions fuck with your flow unless you manage them. The underlying issue is that we allow distractions into our precious “focus spacetime”. Little by little, we unknowingly develop terrible habits for cultivating regular flow states. Flow states feel amazing and lead us to do wonderful things, so let’s design a life that generates more of those experiences.

What prevents focus?

Distractions, duh. A distraction is anything that pulls your focus away from where it needs to be. They can be external (notifications on your phone) or internal (unresolved arguments, responsibilities). The goal is to actively eliminate them.

Respect Your Focus SpaceTime

You need to be accountable for…

You’ve been so good all week. You haven’t broken your streak yet. In fact, you’ve caught a wave of momentum for the past few days. But today is different. You don’t have the confidence you felt yesterday. There’s doubt. Not just a small tinge of it; it’s enough to convince you today is the day your streak ends. Bottomline: there are two outcomes today: you do the thing or you don’t do the thing. What’s the difference between the two outcomes?

What caused the split? What drove you over the edge of doubt? The good news is that so many…

Michael Rapadas

Software Engineer, entrepreneur, writer, and overall creative guy.

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