Feminist cam girl (Podcast)

We all love sex, while most of us at least — It’s healthy — it’s fun.

Being single has put a real damper on my sex life and I’ve been finding my self on the daily opening up a private browser and typing in these two words: FREE PORN

Xhampster — YouPorn — Porn-hub and thousands of other free sites have a vast amount of material available for your pleasure.

A box of tissue a quick search and a vigorous 3–5 minute hand shake and everyone's happy.

Or are they?

I recently had the opportunity to talk with my friend ‘Kinky Nyra’ about the in’s and out’s her job and how feminism works within her profession.

She came with a box of toys and a zest for fetish.

I was interested to find out that much of what we wank off too is material that is stolen from sites that require payment.

The problem with this is that the sex workers get ripped off. Rather than material being sold once it is replicated and redistributed with no financial attribution given. Content is often sold to customers and uploaded to private servers or just tossed up on a free site for mass consumption.

So what’s the solution?

At this time the majority of the industry is run by rich white dudes who for the most part remain unknown, but things are starting to change.

Some new websites have started to pop up that are being run by women many of these are collectives that focus there attention on the feminist aspects of the industry.

My interview covers these topics as well as some fun toy play. To find out more check out my podcast and don't forget to tip you’re porn actress