My first blog

I’ve been apprehensive for years about expressing my opinion about important political or social matters for fear of messing up and looking like a fool.

I’ve been working in media documenting different social movements since the G20 in Toronto. Most of my work has been photography and videography, documentary style gonzo journalism that was mostly reactionary and lacking in depth.

So I decided I needed to grow but how? I needed some structure or I’d continue to spin my tires and stay in the same place.

One of my friends who’s a teacher at Western University, suggested that I go back to school. He explained that it could offer the structure and focus I was looking for.

The thought of going back to school frightened me and excited me at the same time dedicating the next 4–6 years of my life would be a huge commitment.

The office job I had worked at for a decade ended when My office closed and I received a buyout. I had no real debt, no family, no responsibilities so it was an easy transition for me financially, the tough part was learning how to learn again.

Fast forward 4 years and I find myself feeling a lot more confidant about my views and I’m able to pump out an academic paper but I’m still slightly apprehensive about my writing style more than the quality of my opinions.

With my political activism and the connections I’ve made I think It’s time to get this ball rolling.

Early this year I started a talk radio show and a podcast, expanding on the media I was already comfortable with (audio-visual). The next step is this blog.

I’d like to thank another teacher of min Dan Brown, for giving me a little push to get things going. It’s because you that I’ve started this blog.

I hope this blog will be a supplementary addition to the combined media I’ll be producing in the hopes that I can not only put forth my message but also continue in my own personal growth.

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So here it goes!