Social Media Etiquette

You might think me a snob but that’s ok. I’ve made a list of 10 commandments that should be followed religiously!


I think we need to have a conversation about some unwritten dos and donts concerning social media. I think I’m writing this because it somehow drives me nuts.

So who am I to preach to others about social media and why should you listen to my suggestions? I’ve lectured at several Universities on utilizing media for social movements and effective techniques for reaching an audience.

First I need to clarify what makes my opinion worth anything more than a grain of salt. My personal reach on social media daily is between 2 million to 25 million people a day if you count the pages and accounts I admin.

The following is a list of things you should never do!

  1. Never like your own status posts
  2. Don’t spam post. Multiple posts the same day from the same person can be annoying and it clogs up your feed
  3. Don’t steal friends pictures and re-post
  4. Take time in creating your statuses — reactionary and emotional posts can come back to bite you in the ass and its annoying to see
  5. Save the drama for your mamma
  6. Posting relationship status as soon as you break up is not classy
  7. When a tragedy happens don’t just jump on the bandwagon and change your profile picture
  8. No Kony 2012
  9. No Alex Jones
  10. Calling a friend out in a public forum before personally contacting them

After talking to my roommate about this we’ve concluded that this can not be universal across all types of social media. Case in point commandment #1 would be true for Facebook but with a web site like Medium you can ‘recommend’ your work in order to notify your crew of followers of your post.

One thing we both agree on is ‘Trolls’ — Trolls seem to be everywhere…

This will be a conversation that’s just beginning..

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