Getting Off // The Gay Agenda

one.two — 7.18.2017

Contributors: Emily McCormick and Michael Steiner


Getting Off by Emily McCormick

“For most of history, Anoymous was a woman.” — Virgina Wolff

Who is the “Millenial Woman”? According to current culture, she’s in control; of her career, her body, her life. Even if she’s struggling every step of the way. But while she’s figuring it all out, she gains her confidence, and she excels in her career, she fucks who she wants, in the way she wants. All to say, she gets off.

It’s a fun depiction. It’s a big deal, really. And yet it’s deeply isolating. It assumes that a woman’s confidence in her career and relationships is intrinsically linked to her confidence in her sexuality.

It assumes that “female desire” is not a taboo topic.

That depiction assumes that every woman brought up post- Roe v. Wade feels comfortable and confident having a conversation about orgasming with their friends (or their partner). It establishes a false narrative that a woman today is able to place equal confidence in herself as a woman and herself as a sexual being.

Meanwhile, a 2016 study found that 11 percent of women had never orgasmed, with the proportion being highest with women between the ages of 25–30 years old.

So what are “Millennial Women”?

We are complicated, we are full, three-dimensional characters in our own stories. And yet. We excel in our careers, we’re confident in ourselves, our political views, our abilities, our womanhood, our feminism. And yet.

We struggle to bridge conversations with ourselves our are friends that may blankly say, “I am confident in my femininity, and not my sexuality.” The concept that these two may be separate seems a bit taboo, sadly.

When we finally have control of the intersection of our bodies and our minds, will we be equal?

Is female desire the last frontier?


The Gay Agenda by Michael Steiner

I recently came across a silly little poster about the true “Gay Agenda”, originally shared by Buzzfeed BFF (yikes), that is filled with all sorts of goofy quips, inside jokes, and generally destructive stereotypes that spit in the face of true progress for the LGBT community. I’m fully aware of the importance of jokes, which is why instead of suggesting that this list shouldn’t exist, I’d like to pose an alternative to each line so we can have both a funny agenda and also an agenda that real humans can think about and possibly mobilize around to try and improve the lives of the LGBT community who are still severely marginalized.

Original : Legalize Gay Marriage crossed out)

Alternative: Agreed, this was definitely on the agenda. Good call.

Original: Buy cute underwear

Alternative: Remove corporate interests from diluting the message of the LGBT platform through blind endorsements and attempting to sell us pride products.

Original: Gay Dogs

Alternative: 100% inclusion of trans platform into the gay community. There are millions of humans we need to think about before we get to dogs.

Original: Mandatory Brunch

Alternative: Mobilize our community to serve the LGBT homeless population (and homeless population at large).

Original: Beyonce album on every iPhone

Alternative: Fight for accurate and fair representation in film, tv, and music

Original: Golden Girls reboot

Alternative: Reform practices in geriatric facilities and assisted livings to adapt to the needs of LGBT seniors

Original: Carb-free bread

Alternative: Eliminate the use of body standards and body shaming in the LGBT community and in LGBT media

Original: Better Eyebrows:

Alternative: See above

Original: Bring back 2001 Britney

Alternative: Bring back LGBT rights as a platform on

Original: Stricter punishment for sandal/sock violations


Other ideas: Repeal all “Bathroom bills”, protect LGBT and trans government and military members, include and understand intersectionality in the LGBT platform and understand the need to merge platforms with other marginalized groups rather than exclude them from platforms, events, and *cough* pride parades.