Who Am I. (1)

“This blog is a project for Study Unit MCS3953, University of Malta.”

As you can see I am just an ordinary guy. On facebook and social media I am a photographic genius, of great talent, a helper and teacher of others. At home and to my neighbours I am the guy who takes pictures, some body to have a beer or game of pool with; So which is the real me, am I the person that I portray in life or the person that I portray in social media….? and of the two who do I want to be ! Do I actually know who I am, or do I believe my own hype !

Over the next few weeks I shall endeavour to find out and discover who I am and explore my identity and others to see if social media has corrupted me, or I and others have corrupted social media; to present a false view of myself and others and what if so, is the purpose of this deceit. I shall strip away the mask and layers to reveal my truth and in doing so shall endeavour to give an insight and enable a more accurate judgement of others appearance on social media as well as my own.

I think this will be an interesting journey and one that will appeal to those wishing to understand their own veracity and those interested in believing or seeing a new truthfulness in others that they deal with on social media,.


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