How I used a Gmail mail merge extension I created to buy a brand new 2016 Lexus under invoice cost
Ajay Goel

I’ll start with the fact I am not a car dealer so I am not a car sales person being defensive. I am a web developer who runs a web development agency. But I have also been a entrepreneur and businessman all of my career too. And reading this story caused me to feel rather queasy.

It was the same feeling I got when I first learned of GroupOn, asking for 50% discounts plus a fee for restaurants when their average gross margins are less than 30% on full fare service.

And it is the same feeling I get when someone comes to me requesting a quote for the cost for my firm to build a WordPress website or plugin, and for the lowest price. It means they view my offerings as a commodity, and that they won’t value anything that I can do to benefit them other than minimize the price. Personally, I always send those people elsewhere because we have many other clients who do value our unique expertise in the space.

I know that car dealers are not known for treating customers with respect or for offering value when you need service, but I think it is collectively our own faults because we squeeze them so hard they barely have anything left to invest in actual service.


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