What if Spotify Charged per dB?

My generation hates paying for things. Content should be free and for the most part I agree with most people. While I’ve spent the last 3 years working in the music industry, I have yet to see anyone except Spotify really embrace a new perspective on the music industry and the content distribution industry as a whole. The key to understanding their angle and why it’s on an order of magnitude better than something like Apple Music and all of the other competitors is the experience.

Spotify delivers an experience, magic and a place I can get lost. Running is a really exciting initiative that makes me think everyone else will have a hard time catching up (pun intended). Spotify gets it, they understand me. They know my friends and they know what gets me going. But why don’t I pay for it?

Spotify delivers me the best experience out of any online music streaming service, but their ads are just not that painful. I’m not the guy at the party putting my phone on the dock getting ridiculed for not paying for Spotify, I’m the cheapo sitting in the corner of the locker room tuning out the ad because I can. What if Spotify made the experience a little more painful? Would I switch? To what? Soundcloud? Probably not because I’m certainly not going to get my Metallica fix.

So what if, Spotify held back on some of the experience… like for example the max volume I could listen to? Like I said, equally part of my Spotify experience is cranking it up and getting lost. This is my escape and for me that’s worth 10$ a month.

I love free Spotify, I don’t want to pay for the “content”, but I also want artists to be rewarded. I would however pay for a better experience.

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