What Do Seth Godin and Tom Peters Have in Common?

I like to read … why? To be entertained and to learn new things. Both Seth Godin and Tom Peters are authors that are favorites of mine. I call them two of my silent mentors … they mentor through their writings.

Yes … they both do stimulate me to lot of thinking and learning, but they both have a great knack for entertaining while they teach and silently mentor. They also share these other common attributes that makes them such successful mentors for me:

Great storytellers … in their writing and presentation styles

Do a lot of reading … in many diverse fields

Show passion in everything they do … they both wear their enthusiasm and passion day in and day out

Connect the dots … you can see their logic by the analogies that they draw for their readers, from many viewpoints

Effective curators … when they used others work as they often do, they always add considerable value

Great learners … I have followed their writing and speaking for almost a decade now … you can watch them continually stretch and grow

Never stop initiative … always trying something new

Yes, there are probably many, many current great authors with these attributes, but you’ll be hard pressed to find better mentors.

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