VR + AI: the very real reality of virtual artificial intelligence
Jacob Mullins

Mimic will get better. But real AI would require a probability engine and decision machine, maybe with quantum computers they would have enough computing power to go beyond mimic but conventional computers, even with gigaflops of processing power and tara megs of storage, it’s not enough. Even with einstein levels of mathematical genius there are no formulas and not enough computing power to do anything but rudimentary knowledge collection and filtering systems. Difficult decisions are made by humans minute by minute this are far beyond anything AI hints at. The best we can hope for is a easier to use personal assistant that is perhaps a little intuitive. But it’s all mimic. There is no thinking self, only magic tricks that make it sound personable and make rudimentary search and submissions. The great advancements these days are in getting the computer to try and interpret accurately what is being asked. Improvements to the machine human interface. This entails rudimentary probabilities about what you are likely asking and some ability to self correct and learn so it can improve the probability of a correct answer. For the most part AI so call advancements is really is nothing but replacing a more difficult and restrictive interface with something more flexible. Thinking machines make good syfi movies and books. The biggest problem is computing power, the second is that there is no hit at a formula for conscious. We are still dealing with a rules based calculator even if their is a learning element to the rules.

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