No Bill, No Break
Gabby Giffords

Well if US Voters really want a better result on guns, people need to have a sit in, in support of their elected officials.

Republican’s are awful people with their demagoguery that only serves those who Oligarch’s who sponsored them. Time to vote this right wing extremist / fascist groups out of office wherever they are found. Trump included. What a pile of nonsense a ‘progressive republican’, if that fake-out is accepted, and there is another G.Bush air head, who will inflict backward policies that have failed us for 40 years. G.Bush will take another 2–3 terms to recover from.

Reaganomics is dead. And we need to bury it as it’s stinking up the place. And for those unprepared to accept that need to face the voters wrath. This is a totally failed experiment that has ruined the US. Those flat head who live in denial over this need to be sent to the unemployment line. Cast down and spit on for what and who they represent because it sure isn’t us.

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