Why I support Hillary Clinton for President

The presidential election has left most Americans shaking their head, looking at the calendar daily counting down how many days left we have until the election.

Despite the absurdity of this election and so much of what has been said, I remain optimistic about our country and the weeks, months and years ahead.

In case there was any question, I strongly endorse Hillary Clinton for President because she is the most qualified person to ever run for the office.

She will look to grow our economy, protect our country (both at home & abroad) and expand on the progress of the Obama Administration and fix the many parts of our country that still have a long way to go. She will focus on the Americans who still haven’t yet seen their lives improve since the Great Recession or even for generations before that.

She will continue the work to improve the air we breathe and the water we drink so that they are no longer making us sick. She will ensure we continue to expand renewable energy and move away from traditional polluting energy sources.

She will stand up for ALL Americans, of ALL colors, ALL religions, ALL political persuasions and whether straight or LGBTQ.

She will nominate Supreme Court judges who will protect our constitutional rights including a woman’s right to choose, free speech, freedom to express religion, marry who you love and yes, even the right to bear arms (while also closing loopholes which allow dangerous people to have dangerous weapons).

She will be a trusted, reliable partner to our allies around the world including NATO & Israel and she will defend our interests against ISIS, Al Qaeda, terrorists and other dictators and despots around the world.

As she has done throughout her career, she will attempt to work with those who disagree with her and find ways to move forward on areas where agreement can be found.

She will continue fighting for our children and strive to give not only my son and daughter, but all children, a world that is safer and more prosperous than the one we grew up in.

She will strive to serve as President in a way that makes all Americans proud of how great our country is and she will never stop working to make it better.

I urge you to join me in voting for Hillary Clinton for President.

#imwithher 🇺🇸

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