Well, that was an interesting kickoff to October Surprise Season.

“Season”? Oh, yes. The news is shockingly unstable, with new bombshells daily. Remember three months ago when Bob Woodward’s revelations of Trump’s knowledge of the virus came out? Wait, that was three weeks ago? Right. A single October Surprise won’t cut it. There will be at least ten of them, I’d guess.

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What I would call a “logical” headline. With air quotes.

In fact, this diagnosis that Trump has COVID might be the least surprising October Surprise ever. …

If you’ve read my essays like “A Wargame Designer Defines Our Four Possible Civil Wars” over the last four years, you know I’ve used game theory to analyze Donald Trump’s actions and many other political issues. I decided to put them into a new 532-page edition of Game Theory in the Age of Chaos. For the next three weeks, you can pledge for it on Kickstarter and get a copy sent to you and one sent to a Democratic Senator or Representative.

Or you can get it for free, just by helping safeguard American democracy.

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Here’s how that works. We put it up on Kickstarter and you can buy it for $25. If you’re inside the U.S., you can pledge $50 if you also want a copy to go to a Democratic or Independent congressperson or senator. If you’re outside the U.S., you can’t do that, because foreign interference in our elections is still illegal.

This essay will appear in my new edition of Game Theory in the Age of Chaos, which you can get on Kickstarter or by doing election tasks on shark.vote.

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If you believe the polls, Kamala Harris has a better than 50% chance to become the most powerful woman of color in American history. This is an unprecedented and barrier-shattering event, one that could change the lives of generations of girls and people of color. Let’s take a look at how this happened.

Throughout this piece, I’m going to stray into areas of discomfort for me as a white, Jewish male. Can’t be avoided with a candidate this far from the norm for her intended position. I’ll be discussing race, religion, and gender as political characteristics, not as deep matters of consequence to individuals. …


Mike Selinker

Game and puzzle designer, author, and amateur firebrand

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