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I am excited to utilize Medium to publish articles on topics that interest me. I have always wanted to have a humor column in the newspaper, and with Medium, I can achieve that. Well, maybe not in a newspaper persay but you get the idea. Don’t be so nitpicky. If I wanted to be nagged, I have Siri and autocorrect. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading and laughing at th esame time. I understand soemtimes you may laugh so hard that your eyes tear up, and it gets hard to see the pages. This is a trick of mine so you don’t notice grammatical errors and incorrect verb tense. I’d go back to school to study up on English but student loans are too high. I’d end up having to also take an accounting class as well and that’s way too much money. See? That’s how they get you! For now, I’ll stick to what I have learned and type in my own voice. When you read this, you can use your own voice if you choose, but you’ll miss out on my Brooklyn accent. So sit back, relax and enjoy a good read for a break in your day… or night… or afternoon. Anytime is good to read really.

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