What is the difference between lawn care services and landscaping services

Like all places, there are terms and definitions that can be construed with different meaning. Just like sign language has its own slang, did you know that east coast and west coast are different in sign language? Just like that, the terms of taking care of your lawn and making a brand new lawn are two different things. In example, landscaping sounds better than lawn maintenance so many lawn care services just use the term “landscaping”.

The definition of landscaping, according to dictionary.com states, “…to improve the appearance of (an area of land, a highway, etc.), as by planting trees, shrubs, or grass, or altering the contours of the ground…” so calling “lawn care” “landscaping” probably isn’t that too far of a stretch. But there are distinct differences in a company that creates one for you from scratch and one that maintains what you already have. Let’s examine that shall we?

Landscaper (creating)

Landscaping is the beginning or remaking of an outside area of land integrating natural and man-made features for eye appeal. Landscapers start out with a blueprint of the surrounding area and approval of the land owner to start making the work of art. Landscapers bring in much of the resources from outside sources or work with the surrounding area habitat depending on what the owner wants. After it is finished, the surrounding area will need to be kept and maintained. A clever and masterful landscaper can create a scape that can maintain itself by understanding the environment, using the existing pH levels of soil and planting the right plants that shed little. The best man made self-sustainable landscapes are usually done in the high desert.

Lawn/Land Maintainer (servicing)

Lawn maintenance is exactly what it sounds like. Of all the different types of grass there are, all of them have to be treated, monitored and serviced. Otherwise, grass can grow to great lengths. Animals work really well to maintain grass, the it’s not consistent. Lawn care in Redmond OR, for example, is critical for eye appeal and property value. Servicing a lawn takes skill. Never assume a lawn care serviceman is some dumb hand for hire. As our first article explains, maintaining a lawn takes time edging, pruning and mulching not including the knowledge that a landscaper needs to know about the area’s climate, pH levels and the overall environment. To put it frankly, one can’t read a book or two and become a landscaper. It actually takes some school and time to understand the requirements.


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