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Wow. What a whitewash. We all know Trump’s phones weren’t wiretapped. Trump’s understanding of surveillance is from old spy movies. Also, the issue is not whether Rice broke the law as National Security advisor. By nature of her position, it’s legal for her to know everything. The issue is how she politically, with Pres. Obama, used that info. The rules on “unmasking” are there for a reason. We allow our gov’t to monitor overseas comms involving American citizens on the express condition that these identities remain masked from everyone other than those who “need to know” in order to understand the comms. As Comey testified, that is generally limited to 20 people in the administration. After the election Obama substantially expanded this universe, with Rice pushing the unmasked identities way down the administration and we now know throughout the State Dept and Congress. The NYT reported same in January. The inevitable result is that Flynn’s name was leaked to the Washington Post. And whoever leaked that committed a felony, pretty much by design. Obviously Flynn was a horrible choice to succeed Rice as nat sec advisor. I’m glad he’s gone. Just as clearly, Obama, Rice and the admin violated the PURPOSE of the FISA restrictions for the political purpose of undermining the incoming administration. That’s arguably not illegal. But it should be.

Btw, if you want to invoke Clapper, who was caught lying to Congress about domestic spying until Snowden exposed him, then also take into account he has publicly stated that he saw absolutely no evidence of collusion between Trump campaign and the Russians up to his leaving office in January. Best to just leave Clapper aside is you’re trying to verify something.

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