“Privacy” Is My Middle Name

Yes, that is a Janet reference. Don’t hate me because I’m fabulous!! #nasty

Anyway, I posted the other day about switching to Brave Browser … I like it, but its extension / plugin capability isn’t ready for prime time yet. But, with both feet out the door on Chrome I can’t bring myself to go back!! So, I’m finally jumping head first into Firefox. Having a great time geeking out on setting it up for maximum privacy!!

For a long time I had been operating under the logic that the convenience I gained outweighed the risk of tracking what I saw as inconsequential data. Like, yeah it’s technically “private” but who really cares if Facebook knows I use MyFitnessPal, or Google knows I just drove past a Wendy’s?

But the more of my friends who get Zucc’d and the more I see people panicked over the “blame Russia” narrative the more I realize, we all need to take voluntary steps to shut down big data before “they” manage to spin fear of power gained by consent into a statist power grab that is non-consensual. The technology exists for us to lock them out right now!! No need to appeal to the state.

I’m now rocking VPN encryption over tracker blocking at both browser and device level. To the best of my ability, you can count me off the digital grid!! If enough of us do this, old media will notice!! That’s what it will take for statist readers to get the message of empowerment.


Originally published at MIKESTER.org.