Hi Mike,
Nicholas Barang

i’m probably the wrong audience for your blog, as any cursory research already should have people seeing potential flags as far as the move here and make income story goes. i understand our relationship quite well — i was just offering some suggestions to make your blog more credible and interesting, beyond just being another guy ranting about them damn chiang mai pie in the sky nomads. there’s not much more between this being a long comment or a blog post, i’d like more from a post though, especially if it’s to turn into some type of series.

sure, you have no affiliates, but you seem to be ignoring the non-monetary incentives to get views on here. i also think you ignore some of the non-monetary benefits of going to chiang mai that some of these people have. risk tolerance, naivete, a break from whatever job or life they are having — the reality is people do come here, and they are not all negatives. if you really were trying to dip your toe in the water of some of these online work opportunities, in my home town of chicago how easy would it be to meet someone to partner up with and learn together? or meet someone who has been through a few gyrations of success or failure to even talk to regularly? these kinds of things are immediately accessible in chiang mai. also what’s the likelihood you actually move that idea of a side project to doing something as a side project if it’s 20% of your at home after work time? vs. your main focus here, with a hungry immigrant mentality?

as far as $300, or $600, or $900 a month, is there some arbitrary line where you venture into living and not existing? it’s not like living on the street or something here. the reality is this place is cheap, you can eat cheap, the weather is mild enough you don’t have to spend money on cooling or heating, etc. you mentioned in a prior video having some rather large bar bills, is that supposed to be living? i would find those a waste or indicative of a problem. my biggest/priciest hobby is modifying my car and taking it to tracks, i can imagine myself scratching my head to your annual drinking budget and wondering how you could spend so much without your car going any faster. i travel solo and plenty of the time i’m spending what you would surely consider adequate money on things, but until i meet people with shared interests, it’s arguably a lot more existing than living too.

it’s also still my choice of where to go, including places i know no one. and it’s these nomads choice as well as where and how to live. you demand i respect your choices as a writer but you seem to offer little respect for the choices of others?

as i said, i have some shared beliefs with you. i consider it totally valid for anyone looking into this community to have some content that serves as a warning, so people go in fully aware of what they’re getting into if they make the choice to come here. and i am a data and numbers guy, which is why i want to see, and think what would serve as the best warning, is some actual aggregated research on something like how people have done under johnny fd who did go through his machine. unfortunately it looks like i’ll still have to keep my eyes out for someone else to do this work. personally, i’m not going to do it, but i’m not going to be publishing a series on digital nomads either.

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