Streaming TV Services Need Performance Support (Including “1–2–3 Guides) to Onboard New Users and ease the pain of adopting new leisure behavior

Two days ago I decided to “cut the cord”. I cancelled the entire TV portion on my Verizon FiOS service plan, requested cardboard to ship back the 2 set top boxes I’ve been renting for ever, and signed up for Hulu with live TV, HBO Now, Showtime, etc. I also bought two 4th generation Apple TV boxes.

Hulu Live TV and the Apple boxes have lots of features and capabilities. But how do I get to them? No user manuals? Even Googling or Binging questions doesn’t surface the right answer most of the time.

The first two days of use found me placing numerous calls to Hulu Customer Service — stressful for me and costly for Hulu.

How much easier on everyone if Hulu and Apple offered performance support for their customers. What if Hulu and Apple TV were programmed to detect when users are challenged and then served up, directly at the point of need and completely within the context of the user’s experience, helpful tech tips, or, better yet, 1–2–3 guides to carry the user over the hurdle? A lot easier!

VisualSP produces performance support solutions (including their version of 1–2–3 guides — ’Walkthroughs’) for Microsoft’s SharePoint and Office 365 collaboration and productivity software. A version of this same approach to “training” looks like a promising approach for Hulu and Apple to onboard their customers. I have to think someone is working on this already.