Whenever I feel like I should … I just DO!

I guess there’s not much people out there who have never heard of Nikes famous slogan ‘Just do it’ and while this plain statement seems rather simple to implement into your life it’s actually the only things that prevents most people from ever becoming successful.

I have to admit that I’m also far from perfect and my abilities to apply this simple rule is very hard even when you commit yourself to implement in into your daily life as much as possible.

As humans we always strive to avoid pain. So what’s the #1 most efficient way to avoid pain? — Do nothing that can potentially hurt you. Put into extreme it actually means ‘do NOTHING at all’ and you will survive on this planet.

Does simply surviving now mean that we will live a live full of happiness and fulfillment? Of course not. But our 2 million year old brain doesn’t give a damn about our strive for happiness it just wants us to survive at all costs.

So if we know that our brain is not helping us in achieving our goals, maybe we should try a different approach to kind of trick ourself into getting sh*t done in a different way.

Now what can we do now to actually start DOING instead of letting our mind take over and ponder and procrastinate all day (and probably our whole life) long?

1; Create a habit of doing

So the first real breakthrough I had was when I started with little habits that I was repeating every single day.

My first habit I implemented into my daily life was cold showers. Let me be honest with you. I hated them at first when I did them but I knew it was just my brain that wanted to protect me. I only had the benefits on my health in mind and the goal to stick to this new habit of showering every morning before leaving the house.

Now, after about 3 month of consistently doing my cold morning torture, my mind is so used to the idea that it is literally ingrained into my brain and the first thing I think of when I get up is to take my shower — even though I still don’t like the walk under the shower head. It is now a habit that is beneficial for my life.

Try it out for yourself. Take one thing in your life you think will have a positive impact on an area of your life and stick to it for at least 4 weeks no matter what the circumstances are and wait for the magic of habit to change your mind. Keep on doing this with all the things you want in life, one at a time.

2; Make a commitment to yourself

Set up a rule for yourself in your mind or even better make a written contract that says:

Whenever I feel like I should do something in life — I have to do it, no matter what!

Tony Robbins likes to say that we only get our ‘musts’, never our ‘shoulds’ and so many of us have too many shoulds in our life and too little musts that we strive to incorporate in our life’s.

So I am convinced that all of us already know deep within ourselfes what we should do to become more fulfilled in life but things like fear of failure or being judged by others are holding us back from actually doing them.

The solution is rather simple. Take the next 7 days and test this. Whenever you feel like there is an action you should take which could be as simple as making that business call you know you should have made a week ago or to have this negotiation with your boss that your procrastinating on for days it doesn’t matter. Trust me the first step will be the hardest but as soon as you just do the thing you are afraid of (no matter how it turns out to be) you will be amazed how good you feel afterwards just because you DID. After that it becomes easier and easier.

3; Start with little things and build your way up

People often told me that you have to start with the single most important thing that will have the most impact on your life and while in theory that might be true I can only say that this tip was responsible for a lot of procrastination in my life. Why? Because I just wasn’t ready for this big step. I hadn’t build up the momentum to tackle this big obstacle and I literally sh*t my pants when I thought of it. So I did was everybody would do. I did nothing.

Instead I tried a different approach. I started with little things at first, created momentum along the accomplishment of those and soon I found myself in a state of mind that made me unstoppable.

So now you know the 3 things that helped me ‘just doing’ things and getting stuff done. While I now that everybody is different and those steps might not work 100% for you, I really encourage you to a least try them and let me know what worked and what didn’t.

Create habits, commit yourself to follow through on your goals and start with little things to build up momentum and you will see that your life will radically make a change for the better I promise!

All the best,

Mike H.