Fight the DUI/DWI Charges with an Experienced Attorney

The police need a reasonable suspicion if they want to legally pull you over for drunk driving to prove that you did indeed violate traffic regulations of New Jersey. If the officer is not able to meet the necessities of this standard, then the lawyer you have hired might be able to dismiss the penalties for drunk driving in New Jersey.

The Meaning behind Reasonable Suspicion Standard:

Reasonable suspicions can be defined as having an objective and particularized basis for suspecting the individual stopped of criminal activity. The Supreme Court has also created a test that helps in determining whether the officer had met the requirements for this standard.

The test observes whether the police officer had any objective and specific basis based on the entirety of the situation for suspecting that the driver has violated any particular traffic regulation. In other words, the integrity of the traffic stop relies on whether the action was takes is justified under the circumstances or not.

Universal Traffic Stops That Lead to a DUI / DWI Arrest

A police officer might pull you over for any violation provided that they have a reasonable coherent suspicion that the violation has indeed occurred. There are several reasons why you might have been pulled over by the law enforcement officer. However, here are some of the common penalties for drunk driving in New Jersey, according to the statistics that can lead up arrest:

1. Being involved in an accident
2. Make dangerous lane changes
3. Reckless or erratic driving
4. Driving considerably above the speed limit (Speeding)
5. Significantly driving below the speed limit

Is it necessary to get legal help to fight for your DUI / DWI charges?

Even if the police officer reported that you were stopped based on a sensible suspicion for violating a traffic regulation that does not mean his actions will satisfy the necessities of the legal standard set up by the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

Your lawyer will have to investigate the facts surrounding your case that is from your initial stop to the facts leading to your arrest. He will have to determine whether the law enforcement officer met the standards set up the court or not. If the attorney finds out that the officer did not have a valid reason for charging you with penalties for drunk driving in New Jersey then he can have your case dismissed.

It is important that you take the help from an experienced and professional attorney so that you can fight for your rights. He will be able to help you in fighting the negative consequences of the case. The consequences for drunk driving are quite severe in the state of New Jersey due to which it is essential to hire a good lawyer.

One of the best ways to avoid such situations is to drive safely and not make any such violations. If you find yourself in such situation then it is better that you hire a skilled lawyer to represent you.

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