My Big Beef with Bernie
Andrew McLaughlin

article: ‘ Bernie Sanders too often comes across as underprepared, lightly-informed, and uninterested in mastering the complex machinery of government and the vast matrices of interests that undergird the politics of our enormous and diverse republic. (See, e.g., the text orlowlights of his disastrous NY Daily News editorial board interview.) The narrowness and shallowness of his thinking is especially striking given that he’s spent 25 as a member of Congress.’

— He ‘comes across ‘ this way to you , a Hillary supporter. You have CLinton colored glasses and will see what you want to see. Your backup for this is the NY daily News interview, and it is quite telling that you described it as ‘disastrous’. THis is the standard line that was let out into the CLinton Echo Chamber across their media outlets, and obviously being repeated by the smaller fry here and the HRC-commenters I have seen in FB.

However, when I read the whole thing, I felt it was fine — he showed himself to have adequate if solid competence. THe NYT , which many times has been tracking to its fellow NY gang member , as well as the esteemed Roosevelt Institute, called Bernie’s understanding and representation of busting up of the banks sound and correct — the complete opposite the Hillary Echo Chamber.

ANd the ‘he’s not experienced , never was POTUS is nuts — who ever was POTUS when they never were POTUS? CLinton as FLOTUS ain’t POTUS. As SOS she was a disaster and a hawk — a neo liberal neo cons all rolled up into one package.. As senator , she had light nothings done. Bernie, OTOH, got slots of stuff done as congressman — had the record for Amendments, the most effective way to introduce legislation.

In short, Hillary Clinton would deepen the problems that we have and that you enumerated at the beginning of your essay as her corporatist pay for play policies has contributed to these. Clinton, as with Bush — Been ther. Done that. WOuld nt be prudent. PLease clap.

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