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In response to Commander’s Intent

I had not read that. But just added it to my list. Thanks!

A thing is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. No more, and no less.

Great marketing makes people want to pay more for a thing… Not by deceiving the people (as is thought by the incurably cynical,) but by adding value to the thing.

This Ellen Pao / Kleiner Perkins thing is a mess. Not sure what good will come of it.

Offices are turning into minefields these days, in ways that impact everyone negatively. The issue underneath it all, in my opinion, is whether women will adopt more traditionally male attributes in the workplace, or whether workplaces will embrace more traditionally female ones. I think the latter would probably be more productive in the long run, but we all know culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Now in the process of uploading all of my songs in iTunes into Google Music. Easy to do, just set it up and Chrome and set the upload to happen automatically. Google will hold up to 50,000 songs now, making them easily available on Android. Free.

We don’t know why I’m doing this. They’re all on Spotify. But you never know. Right?

Just finished.

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