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Now in the process of uploading all of my songs in iTunes into Google Music. Easy to do, just set it up and Chrome and set the upload to happen automatically. Google will hold up to 50,000 songs now, making them easily available on Android. Free.

We don’t know why I’m doing this. They’re all on Spotify. But you never know. Right?

Just finished.

Dense but ultimately convincing analysis of the historical trends, economic drivers, policy-based causes, and social consequences of wealth inequality. Insights on how to fix the…

Knowing When To Say When

Shutting down a startup is traumatizing. Hanging on too long is worse.

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Which do you want… Success? Or Happiness?

It’s a choice that will change your life.

Picture 2 circles drawn on the table. One says “Success.” The other says…

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How To Get Jedi Mind Control

Want to be more effective? Bend others to your will? Here are the 3 human qualities that will do it for you.

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If you want to build a billion dollar company, build a billion dollar team.

I asked entrepreneurs who built 6 of Boston’s 21 $B businesses over the last decade what…