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Mulberry makes it easy (and profitable) to upsell peace of mind with whatever else you’re selling. Photo by Tamara Menzi on Unsplash.

A strong practical and emotional value proposition, with excellent founder/market fit.

When people ask me what I learned at HBS, I sometimes say never buy the extended warranty. I’m kidding, of course, but as all B-school students of the late 90's know, once you understand the economics exposed by the Circuit City case study, it’s hard to justify parting with the extra cash.

Those overly attractive economics were the first thing that came to mind when I met Chinedu Eleayna to learn more about Mulberry, back in November of 2018.


Mike Troiano

Venture storyteller, wartime consiglieri, lyrical gangsta. Partner, G20 Ventures, thoughts here are my own. http://about.me/miketrap

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