How To Backup Your Photos

Mike Trout
Dec 14, 2019 · 2 min read

Have you ever faced a problem to backup your photos & videos in one place? Digital photography has many advantages than the traditional photography film, but unfortunately, they are not much secure. Unlike prints or negatives, digital images can be lost easily in a catastrophic hard drive failure, or even accidentally deleted with a few clicks of the mouse. So how to we backup all our photos securely ? Well there are a lot of ways to do so. But my personal favourite solution is using a backup device like The Photo Stick because it does all the work itself. But f you would like to do some hard work, then there are many other options:

  1. Use an External Hard Drive — The most safe & cheapest way to backup images is to manually transfer them to an external hard drive. But always be careful in copying your photos to the external drive. Do not disconnect the USB cable, while copying is in progress to avoid file corruption.
  2. Back-up Online — There are a number of online backup services like Mozy, Zip Cloud & Crashplan that you can use to backup your images. Cloud storage services like Apple’s iCloud, Google Drive & Dropbox also allow you to upload your files to your storage account, using the company’s website or application.
  3. Store in your computer — One of the easiest ways to to back-up images is to store them on your computer’s internal hard drive. However, taking another back-up is always recommended as the hard drive of the computer could fail at some point.
  4. Make a hard copy — For important pictures, the best backup would be to get them printed and have a hard copy with you. In case you do lose the digital picture, you’ll have the photograph and the moment captured with you. The photograph can then be scanned and re-converted into a digital image.

Note: It is recommended to have at least three back-ups of all your image, on two different media and one offsite. That way, you would not have to worry about losing your data or pictures. Or as i suggested earlier, use photo stick. I have made The Photo Stick Review so you can check and share your opinions also.

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