Independent Political Views

Mike Townsend
Sep 15, 2019 · 2 min read

Some high level views rolling into the next political cycle, feel free to let me know where/why you disagree…

I’m not on a team, but I believe the best society imitates nature while helping the less fortunate; competition and love wins long term.

Most societal problems are due to regulatory creep (constraining innovation and deceasing economic opportunity) coupled with a spiritual void as religions failed to evolve, leaving people to believe the universe is a machine and the point of the game is to accumulate money…

I’d vote for someone who supports (in no particular order):

1. Removing employers from healthcare entirely

2. Reduced big Pharma bureaucracy (allow more competition)

3. Campaign financing regulations (important but nuanced)

4. Reducing military spending 10–20%

5. Eliminates mandatory min prison sentences (treat > punish)

6. Increasing budget for mental health and therapy services

7. A thoughtful path towards legalization of psychedelics

8. Restoring voting rights after prison

9. Carbon emissions tax (with min. economic slow down)

10. Removing all ag-gag laws (expose the torture going on)

11. A reasonably secure border wall

12. Increasing (vetted) immigration #’s, make it easier/faster

13. Banning assault guns (while addressing deeper problems)

14. Deregulates education industry, removing loan subsidies

15. Free market competition in tech (will not break up co’s)

16. Free market internet (doesn’t support net neutrality)

17. Reducing trade tariffs and supports free market trade

18. Free market labor force (won’t increase min wage)

19. Decreasing regs for zoning and housing

Undecided issues I’m pondering…

- What are the root causes of homelessness?

- Electoral college (why did founding fathers include it?)

- Oil drilling/fracking regulation (how bad is fracking…?)

- Should taxes fund abortion (yes, probably…)

- If/when should companies be allows to donate to politicians?

- What roll should the gov’t play in pharma companies?

- Is Youtube a publisher or a platform? (probably a publisher)

Mike Townsend

Written by

Healthcare entrepreneur: Founder @goharvey @HomeHero. @Zingplatform (acq. BigCommerce)

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