Hey Mike,
Isaac Black

Again, more rumor-mongering and outright lies. Using cheap drugs isn’t stealing, and if that’s even true, it’s almost certainly not a decision that was made by Hillary Clinton. And there exists no AIDS medication in the world that “accelerates the death” of the patient. You’re just making shit up to discredit Clinton.

Meanwhile, the white supremacist game show host in the race actually *did* steal money from his foundation to pay legal fees. But let’s keep hitting the “Crooked Hillary” meme, because who cares about facts, right?

I can think of no better example of sexism than a man being under investigation for fraud, bribery, skimming from a charitable foundation, not paying taxes, misusing 9/11 relief funds, claiming charitable donations he never made, and people’s reaction being, “yeah, but there’s something about that woman I don’t trust…”

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