i would have though that this dialog was above such intellectually lazy statements as to say that…
Jesus loves me

The Republican Party nominated and stole an election for an open white supremacist. Trump didn’t campaign on experience — he had none. He didn’t campaign on qualifications—he had none. He didn’t campaign on ideas—he had none, none that held up to 10 seconds of scrutiny, anyway.

He ran on white supremacy, and nothing else. He demonized Muslims. He demonized Mexicans. He demonized immigrants of every stripe. He accepted the endorsement of David Duke. He accepted the endorsement of the KKK. And, of course, he got into politics in the first place by spouting racist conspiracy theories about President Obama. And the Republican base ate that up. That’s who Republicans are. Every single damn one of them supported Trump, knowing he was openly racist. This is the base the Republican party has been courting since Nixon. They stand for one thing and one thing only: stoking racial resentment, so bigots will vote for them, so they can give tax cuts to billionaires. They care not one whit for anything else.

Name a single thing Trump has done that isn’t towards one of three aims:

  1. Stirring up bigots
  2. Lining his pockets
  3. Appeasing Putin

Even his constant golf vacations qualify for #2, as every time he goes to Mar-A-Lago or the New Jersey one, the taxpayers foot the bill. (Despite the Constitution forbidding taxpayer money going into the President’s pockets). If you want to keep defending this openly racist crook, on your head be it.

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