“…thrown more money at the rich?”

> They didn’t earn it? I assume you believe that money is in the first place the property of the government,

Oh, please. I never said anything remotely like that. That isn’t a thing liberals think, that’s a thing conservatives put into the mouths of liberal strawmen.

Let’s talk about earning it. Did Tagg Romney “earn” the $10 million loan he got from his father to start a business? Because my father sure as heck didn’t get that kind of handout when he started his. I work hard for my money, and a third of my paycheck goes to taxes. Someone like Donald Trump had everything handed to him, and went a decade at least without paying Uncle Sam a dime. Did he “earn” that free ride at my expense (and yours?)

> It’s a small mind that cedes the direction of society’s wealth

It’s your mind that’ ceding the direction of society’s wealth ever upwards. Never mind who does the actual work in this country. The Republican system is set up to reward people who were already rich in the first place, and punish those of us who work for a living.

You’re buying into the Great Republican Lie: that people born rich earned everything they have through hard work and deserve every protection we can offer, and those lazy, lazy, coal miners and nurses could be rich too if only they put in some effort.

You can froth at the mouth about “redistribution of wealth,” but the fact of the matter is, when Boeing and GE don’t pay any taxes, when Donald Trump doesn’t pay any taxes, when Wall Street gets a trillion dollars from the taxpayers as a thank-you for destroying the economy, it’s pretty clear to see where the wealth is being redistributed in this country, and is sure as hell isn’t moving *away* from the rich.

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