Being more productive with your time means balancing.

I want you to think of walking a tightrope for a second. Are you there? Hopefully you didn’t fall off. It’s over the Grand Canyon.

Our lives are dictated by being able to balance successfuly. We strive to find perfection in everything that we do, yet we become so scattered in the heat of things because we strive for perfection. What it truly boils down to, however, is being good at balancing your time and energy. While you’re walking that tightrope over the Grand Canyon, think about what kind of energy you may need to successfully cross over to the other side.

Speed? Agility? Patience?

Getting across the other side of the tightrope means that you’ll have to plan out this strategy in advance, right? You wouldn’t want to be caught in the middle of the rope without a plan, would you? If you walked out there without a plan, you most likely did not balance out your time or thought process. You thought you could just walk out there and get across because you’re in the heat of things and you work best under pressure.

Actually, no one works best under pressure.

Pressure stresses us out. It distracts us from optimal perfromance. We are no longer our best selves since now we are now clinging on for life on this tightrope that is about to watch us fall, and it’s not responsible for us because we are all responsible for our own actions.


If you fail to realize that everything in life can’t be done without planning and strategizing, you are STILL responsible for the outcomes. You failed to plan effectively, and you failed to properly find balance both within yourself and within your mind to visualize what you need to do in order to become successful.

So, if you were to plan out your tightrope walk, you would find the perfect balance within yourself to have a clear mind to be able to truly focus on what you need to do in order to get across it. Once you’re on it, piece of cake!

Now that you have a plan.

Life without a plan, is a life without proper balance. You cannot let the universe dictate your life. You must always be in control of your own destiny.

So, how does all of this tie in to productivity?

Well, if you have a plan for everything that you do in your life, even your day to day life, you now have created more room to get shit done. You now have a visual understand of what the schedule of your life looks like. You can also now ensure that you are balancing out your time effectively and can move certain time slots around in order to be your best self. Perhaps you want to move that coffee chat with a friend from 7PM to 1PM so that you’re not having caffeine before bed? Makes total sense. Now that 7PM time slot can be filled with blog posts, reading, or meditation.

Design your life everyday so that you can be your best self. Find the balance that you need to maximize your day. Don’t let the world control you. You need to control the world.