Stop settling. Start discovering.

You were meant for so much more in life.

Truly. When you look around you, there is a whole world just waiting to be discovered. Yet, here you are constantly upgrading your life to keep up the pace with others.


One of the greatest things that I have discovered about travel is the ability to truly discover yourself. You realize that the world is such a vast place, and you are just one tiny fraction of it. The problems you have, the life that you have created, is all so minature in scale compared to the world.

We settle for average every day, in part, because what we see unfold through our friends getting married and having kids on social media is now suddenly the expectation we have set for our own lives.

You do realize that we are all on different clocks, right? We all have our own time zones. What is meant to be, is meant to be. What will happen, will happen when the moment is right.

There is no need to keep up with everyone else around you.

If you try to constantly keep up with others, you are no longer living in your time zone in life and now you’re not even living your own life. How crazy does that even sound?

It sounds absolutely insane!

Look, if you want to live your life right, you’re going to stop settling and start discovering what this world has in store for you. I will tell you, it’s probably way more than you think. The comfort zone that you have set up for yourself is detrimental to your successes.

You are more.