How Do Aliens Sing?

So, today I went to the recording studio to produce a song sung by the alien in my story, whose name is Breadbox. But what does an alien sound like when she sings? Who knows? That’s what we were trying to invent. I write science fiction; I can do whatever I damn please.

The photo is me in the studio’s soundproof room using a plastic tube to sing like my pet alien. The producer took my voice and distorted it in various ways to find something that sounded alien but not completely nutty.

Let me say right here I am a guy who can’t carry a tune, and now I’m in a sound studio with a professional producer and composer? I am unworthy! I am unworthy!

But I am having a hell of a lot of fun! This is so much fun! And I just had to brag here on Medium.

My previous lifetime was being a business consultant. A couple of years ago I decided to focus on writing my sci fi. My protagonist is a singer; to tell her story I had to write lyrics to the songs she sings. If I have lyrics, I need music. So I got a guy to write music, and he brought in a woman to sing. She’s a professional blues singer. These folks make my lyrics sound like real music.

So now I have five songs produced, not including the alien song we’re working on.

Medium is full or articles addressing “What am I going to do with my life?” “How will I succeed?” “How do I become a real writer?”

Since this is a writer’s forum, I say to you, “Follow your writing wherever it takes you. Don’t worry if you don’t see where it is going. Don’t worry if it isn’t monetizing instantly. Follow your creativity wherever it takes you. And most of all, don’t wait until you’re an old codger like me to do this.”

I’ve been sitting on this stuff for 30 years, not writing my stories. I wrote over a dozen business books during these years. But the sci fi is where my heart is. Not sure about you, but I saw that I only had one lifetime. What would give me the most joy in this lifetime?

I can tell you that singing like an alien in a sound studio gives me much more pleasure than talking like a frigging business expert in front of an audience of hundreds.

The alien singer within you is the voice you need to listen to. Sing along!

If you’d like to hear music for a sci fi story sung by a professional blues singer, take a listen here. A couple of ballads, a tribute to Elton John’s “Rocket Man,” a Hawaiian love song, and a rowdy, vulgar blues song.

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