The Buckley Club

I do not see a conflict between “allowing more newcomers to enter the country and work and live legally” and “the need to control the border.”

If you want the U.S. to stagnate like Japan and Western Europe, then make immigration more and more difficult.

You never got past discussing social issues. I think abortion and gay rights are 90% decided. I’m ready to move past them.

I’m much more interested in how the Repubs, Dems, or Libs are going to nurture a growing economy that rewards entrepreneurialism and innovation, creates good jobs, builds individual wealth, and draws more people into it.

If you folks want readers to understand what you are saying, then use fewer in-crowd abbreviations — or at least include a glossary. E.g., what are “anti-SJW,” “FP,” “SSM?” I do understand LGBT.

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