All Apologies

Like anyone else, I’ve made my share of mistakes. And I’m about to share my apologies for some of them with you.

Whether this comes across as sanctimonious or genuine, that is in the eye of the reader.

I apologize to those who I’ve taken forever to pay back in some form or another. I haven’t forgotten about you and I am working to speed up the forever part.

I apologize to those who I should’ve said “no” to instead of saying “yes” — I’m getting better at saying the former when I stop and think about it more. And I’m getting better at the stopping and thinking part as well.

I apologize to my wife for a number of things, most notably not realizing what I can and can’t do in a day. I figure a lot of the other stuff I’ve been needing to apologize for will be remedied by the whole improving of the stopping and thinking part.

I apologize to my daughter for not stepping away as much as she needs me to and not stepping up as much I need to. I’m taking steps to fix all of that.

I apologize to my son for the same, even if he won’t be able to remember it. I intend to make sure he never has to.

I apologize to my body for filling it with waaaaay too much soda over the years. The juicer will stay on the countertop going forward.

I apologize to my mind for not trying hard enough to quiet it. Or maybe trying too hard to do that. I’m still trying to figure all of that out, and hopefully I’m trying that just right.

I apologize for following and fostering the popular advice “writers write” when that really isn’t the case. I’ll rectify that with this piece of advice that contends that true writers should really only write on what they care about: “writers write right”.

I apologize for not being as “green” as I could be. But I’m totally on this. After all, this piece wasn’t written on paper. Next up…wood pellet cat litter. (For my cat, not as a material to write on.)

I apologize to my cat, Azrael, for not paying enough attention to him. Further to that, I’m sorry I pushed him off my lap before writing this. He was so content at the time.

Finally, I apologize for taking so long to get some of this out there. It’s not all out there, but there’s going to be whole lot more of me out there from now on. All the apologies fit to print are here and accounted for. (Please don’t print this post. Think of the tree.)

I apologize that it took so long to deliver them. But they weren’t ready to be said…or read.

And if this post wasn’t your cup of tea, well…I apologize.

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