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And I’d make the point that every green supporter clearly cares about the environment infinitely more than you do…

Because they’re not eager to hand over the keys to someone with deep ties to Oil and Gas, and a track record of neo-liberal borderline Conservative incrementalism.

You’re like obsessed with projecting all of your faults onto Stein supporters. And it’s kind of funny. It’s clear how desperate you are to justify your own position in the way you address people.

You can’t hide your self-doubt. It shines through like a fucking star in the darkness… And it’s so painfully obvious that all of your strawman critiques of Jill Stein supporters are simply an internalization of your own feeling of uselessness. I’m not a doctor, but I’ve never seen a case of projection as clear as this one.

You might really need to see a therapist. Cognitive dissonance is not a healthy headspace.

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