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And the fact is, you don’t care about anyone but yourself. You CLEARLY care what people think about you, or you wouldn’t have responded to any negative criticisms with the level of vitriol and self-righteousness that you have.

You made this post for attention, and it shows in how you’ve responded to people.

You’re like a 13 year old who just read a philosophy book, and thinks they’re hot shit now because they read some passages by Nietzsche. When the reality is, you look, and clearly are a self-centered, egotistical, brainwashed chump, who believes that voting the same pattern as the last 30 years is going to deviate our course from the last 30 years.

You’re going to get exactly what you deserve if Clinton wins. Nothing. You’ll get nothing. She will NOT protect the environment, she will get us involved in more wars, and as we stand on an arid planet amidst water shortages, and resource wars, I hope I run into you. Just so I can laugh in your face about how well your vote “protected the environment.”

You’re either a really shit columnist, or a truly brilliant Satirist. I’m leaning towards the former, because even a Satirist of the highest quality could not concoct the back-asswards, logically bereft arguments you laid out.

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