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And yet you claim you’re not a narcissist?

That’s fucking laughable. Literally you’re entire comment was just a thinly veiled “I’m right about everything because I’m enlightened and smart, and you’re wrong.”

You’re so deluded that it’s actually sad to talk to you. I don’t feel any anger towards you, only pity. I pity someone with their head so far up the establishment’s ass that they believe anything you’re saying.

Put a liberal on the supreme court? Barack Obama is infinitely more “liberal” (though in name only) than Hillary Clinton, and he nominated Merrick Garland. A corporatist who is more center-right than he is “liberal.”

“Maintain Obama’s environmental regulations”

That one’s a joke right? Obama has allowed just as much Drilling as the republicans. Opened the doors for fracking around the globe with the help of… guessed it, Hillary Clinton, and has admanatly refused to tackle Climate Change in any significant sense.

The Dems had a Majority in the House AND Senate when Obama took office, and what did they accomplish? What was their “Mr. Holland’s Opus” so to speak? Obamacare… Which resulted in record profits for insurance companies, and did absolutely nothing to make healthcare more affordable for millions of people.

You can keep voting for parties, and candidates who accomplish nothing, and pass off their lack of action as somehow better. But I’m good.

And if your best arguments for Clinton ALL mention Trump, then you need to at least come to the realization that you’re arguing for negative partisanship…Which is a republican tactic. Where they con their voters into voting Republican because “we can’t let the Democrats get in power.”

You share more similarities with the Trump Right than you care to admit or acknowledge.

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