A Lesson in Vulnerability


When is the last time you broke into complete tears and sat as the water ran down your cheeks, soaking your clothes? If you don’t remember, you are missing an unimaginable, unstoppable force.

We all feel pain. My pain comes in my thoughts. Your pain may be physical, emotional or both but as humans we are meant to feel in order to survive.

I’ve been holding back my pain for so long, pretending it would go away. I never let myself get close enough to something to care or cry. Those emotions are foreign to me. Last week, I cried hysterically. It may have been the most vulnerable I’ve ever been in my life, and it was invigorating.

I urge you not to hold back your pain, but rather use it to find peace.

I always hear “pain will push you to greatness,” but I don’t believe that. Pain, hurt, discomfort, tears — these are all responses to outside forces. Don’t use pain to find greatness, use pain to find yourself. Among all your weakness and openness, develop vulnerability and find your piece of mind.

On September 1st, 2016 I was sitting at my desk, hands over my eyes, wondering why I was so overly anxious, bored, and stressed. Happiness was a puzzle I couldn’t solve. Yet, I wouldn’t allow my outside persona to show any signs of vulnerability. To everyone else, I was fine.

Over the next 9 months, I dragged myself out of bed every single morning. On June 3rd, 2017, I finally stopped marching on and decided to dive into my brain and swim in the madness.

A few seconds later, I moved my cursor on my laptop and began searching for jobs in Los Angeles. See, I was living in Phoenix to pursue my career, but realized that my heart was in Los Angeles and nothing could change that. So, I moved.

I used my pain to find my peace of mind. As simple as it seems, it was a drastic life change. I’m learning to be more vulnerable and I’m learning how beneficial it is for my mind and emotional happiness.

If you have pain from a relationship, a career, or even just life, the best way to find peace is to release it. Let your emotions flow and let life take it’s course. We are alive for a long time, so don’t hold back like me. Find your peace of mind. Let go of your pain.

It’s OK to care.

It’s OK to hurt.

It’s OK to cry.

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Michael Vaughan is an educator and writer in Los Angeles, CA. As a life long writer, he is only now beginning to follow his purpose. Join the journey with him. Michael writes on Instragram as DopeWord, Twitter @Dope_Word and you can find his blog here.