Friends of George W. Bush: ‘He’s Happier Than I’ve Ever Seen Him.’

NEW HAVEN — Friends and family of George W. Bush report renewed spirits in the 43rd President of the United States.

“He wakes up, has coffee, reads the papers and dances around the living room in his bathrobe. I’m not kidding,” according to one long-time friend speaking on the condition of anonymity. Another commented, “I can tell you that he’s not been this truly happy since his coke days.”

President Bush is enjoying a renewed popularity since the inauguration of succeeding Republican president Donald J. Trump. Prior to January, Mr. Bush would typically receive a trickle of fan mail. He now receives “stacks” of letters each day, according to a household staff member, often from self-proclaimed Democrats: “I’m so sorry. I had no idea,” read one from a Colorado woman. “I miss you and Cheney so much. In a Dr. Evil kind of way.”

Alison Baily, an environmental activist who spent eight years fighting the Bush administration, commented, “Sure, he was a little dim-witted, but he was our little dimwit. Give me a man who reads a book. Even if it’s My Pet Goat.”

Family and friends independently report that Mr. Bush’s legacy had become something of a burden on the former president, and many take pleasure in his measure of vindication.

“I’m so glad that we could do this for George,” a long-time friend and current U.S. senator said in the Capitol cafeteria. “I’m not sure how we do this for Trump.”

Neither Foghorn Leghorn nor Yosemite Sam were immediately available for comment.

Michael Ventimiglia for the Weston Observer