My Go-To Pipe Tobacco

Frog Morton Cellar by McClelland Tobacco company is a medium smooth blend of Latakia with Virginias touched up by the added flavor of whiskey that comes from being aged in whiskey barrels, the tin itself comes with a whiskey barrel stave inside of it to keep the flavor fresh.

I got this blend a few months ago after hearing some buzz about it, and being fairly new to English blends, I decided to give it a shot. I was certainly not disappointed! This blend has the smooth, even texture that you would more likely expect from an aromatic based blend, but with a rich and smoky flavor you come to expect from a good virginia mixture. Now on the first bowl, I didn’t care as much for it as I thought I would. I considered it to be a good backup tobacco when I ran out of others and little more than that. By the third bowl, I was hooked.

As winter has given way to spring and summer has started to peak it’s head around the corner, I have found less and less use for my aromatics, and have been reaching more for English hearty blends. Orlik Golden Sliced and the Tinder Box blend Wilshire were regulars, but quickly Frog Morton’s Cellar has become my go-to tobacco for the warm days here in the south. The simplicity and strength of it are what make it so attractive, with that softened peat note that just barely dances at the end of your tongue. This is a tobacco you almost want to inhale like a cigarette because you enjoy it so much. Rarely do I find packing my pipe such a pleasure, and my only regret is that I didn’ t buy more when I saw it.

Four and a half out of five stars. Well done, McClelland, well done.

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