Window Roller Blinds Different Types with Different Features

With the latest trend seen across the globe, the home decoration has taken a new turn and today windows are no more dependent upon curtains and drapes for its looks and dressing. You can have it dressed in a different, chic, elegant style and that too without exceeding your budget. Window roller blinds have emerged out to be one of the popular items, used in normal everyday houses not only for its sophisticated look but also for its ease of usage.

These days, the blinds are used in not only homes, workplaces but these are also used in schools. Apart from gaining a new revamped look; blinds assure privacy so that none can peep through the window from outside also rollers give required amount of comfort and ease. No matter what is your window size whether big or small, the windows will get chick, urban look, the moment you get roller blinds installed.


Types of blinds

  • There are different kinds of roller blinds available in market, few are expensive few need regular maintenance, and few are affordable and easily available.
  • However, the fashionable and well-accepted ones are made to measure roman blinds.
  • When it comes to revamping your house or giving it a face-lift or having a makeover, these blinds are the most preferred items, as they not only look fresh but highly fashionable.
  • Mentioned below are some other types discussed so that selecting one for our home becomes highly affordable a venture.
Roman Blinds

Roman shades

  • One of the most luxurious accessory in terms of looks and appearance, comparatively roman shades are better than two blinds.
  • Now in market there are two primary kinds of shades available. Hobbled roman blinds flat or often identified as looped roman blinds or classic roman blinds.
  • When it comes to classic roman shade, it comes outfitted with a fabric sheet, which lies next to the window and offers a neat, systematic and clean look.
  • It forms an orderly, trimmed stack of folds when raised.
  • Whereas, the hobbled roman shades come equipped with loops or over-lade with folds when completely extended.
  • This offers a wonderful elegant polished look, which appears much like flowing cascade flowing down from top to the bottom, thus covering the window.
  • This made to measure roman blinds has similar looks like draperies, so the moment it is installed the area receives a clean, organized, clutter free look.
Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Sunscreen roller blinds

  • There is one more kind of Window roller blinds, popularly known as sunscreen roller blinds.
  • Rooms which demand light so that the area remains illuminated all through, you must install such roller as you can control the amount of light and keep your room brighten up.
  • The benefit of installing these rollers is that they will be protecting the interior from harmful sun rays and simultaneously allow little soft light to enter even when you have extended the blinds at its full length.
Blackout Roller Blinds

Blackout roller blinds

  • Then one more popular roller blind, which people use to block out the external light, is blackout roller blinds. Installing this roller is more sleep conducive, making relaxing and sleeping more peaceful and comforting.
  • People where they want absolute privacy like bathroom can very well install this roller blind.
  • They are affordable and so it does not pose any financial strain upon the homeowner and no matter what is your window size, you can very well install the roller blinds.


Made to measure roman blinds and roller blinds are ideal for any establishments, whether house or office, now it depends upon the buyer what blind he deems suitable. Let’s have look here for more information about window roller blinds.