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As a Wolves fan, it’s a great deal and I’m excited to be relevant again, but I do have a couple concerns. And they may turn out to be nothing. But Wiggins and Butler do a lot of the same things on the court and I’m not 100% that they’re a perfect fit. I do think they’ll need to shoot better from three. And there was some noise in Chicago about Butler needing it to be his team, and I even heard I think Brendan Haywood last night saying something about how Towns and Wiggins might need to take a back seat. Uh no. It’s KAT’s team. Butler is great but not KATherine The Great. I mean you do that deal 100 times out of 100. I’m just not convinced it’ll be seamless. My perfect scenario would’ve been something like Malik Monk’s best case scenario at age 25. At least on offense. The defense should be awesome. If we keep Rubio, opposing guards will be in hell.

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